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Tiny Laundry Room (for real - tiny)

I have decided to share this tiny laundry room with you. I have been waiting to share it until I could give a makeover to it, but I feel like this is farther in the future than I would like, so I will share it with now. I haven't changed much since I moved in. I put the washer, dryer, baskets and other personal possessions in it. So, I don't have before pictures, but here is what it looks like right now.

As you can see, it is tiny. I get a bit bothered sometimes online when people claim they have a small laundry room, and they can actually walk in it. I can't even get a front loading washer because I can't walk to the front of the washer area. I mean, it is tiny in here. (I also use to store my vacuum and ladder in here when I had someone renting the guest room and couldn't store it in that closet. That was fun.) So, I have had to make due with some tricks.

I really like that someone before me installed these cabinets. Sure, it isn't my style, but they work so well. That is where we store all of the household cleaning supplies. I am barely tall enough to reach inside the first shelf and keep everything we need on hand. But, when closed you barely notice it at all. I have seen other units in our complex that have had just open shelves or nothing and it looks so much more crowded and like wasted space. These have been so nice to have.

But, since I am short, and needed even more storage, I installed these little baskets just above the washer and dryer.

I thought I was rather tricky with them actually. I got the baskets for a dollar each at the dollar store and then the hooks that they are on are also from the dollar store. As you can see, the hooks don't really hold things in place all that well, the first basket there is crooked, but that is because it in in the middle. You see, I attached them to the wall a little higher than the top of the washer and dryer so they slant a bit making it easeir to get in.

The two on the far right (you can see them in the overall pictures) hold a bunch of tools. I always have a tape measure, my Ikea tool set and other random household tools there. Most of our tool storage is either outside in the shed or upstairs in the art room, but it is always nice to have some handy for smaller tasks. This is also where we keep batteries and screws, and other randomness. One of these days I will get to making a better system for it, but for now...

My favorite set of baskets in the last three there. We don't really have a linen closet, so I was at a loss the first when I moved in as to where to store the washcloths and towels. But, I came up with this genius solution. The two on the left hold the washcloths in one and the towels in the other. (When my husband moved in I had to label them, which has come in very handy.) I then have a dirty basket. I don't know about you but I am not a huge fan of just tossing my dirty, wet washcloth on top of the laundry pile. So, after we have given the bathroom or kitchen or other wet rag place a wash we just toss it in there. We also toss the Swiffer pad in there. Or, when we use one of these towels, the slightly worn towels for drying things after cleaning the fish tank, or the floor when something floods, we toss them in there. Then when we take all the towels from around the house to give them a wash we just toss the couple of items from the dirty basket in and done, easy way to clean.

Another storage solution I have for in here is to put everything on the walls. When I moved in this wood hook thing was up and it works perfectly to hang the broom/Swiffer/duster/fly swatter/emergency flahslights/etc on. But, I also had some hooks so hung up a few additional items. Like I mentioned before it is handy to have things where you may need them. So, I have a roll of tape and scissors right here in case I need them. We also keep scissors in the dresser drawer, kitchen, and in multiple locations around the art room. I never want to walk far to get some, chances are if I don't have some nearby, the item won't get cut. (I can't tell you how many loose threads I lived with until I had some scissors in my dresser drawer.) I have also nailed a box of gloves to the wall, much easier to grab them off the wall like this. (I call them my power gloves. I can clean almost anything if I am wearing my power gloves.) And you can barely see our plastic bag holder from Ikea. Is it an Ikea hack? No, it is actually what is it designed for, odd. We keep plastic bags in there to use as garbage bag liners. If you roll them up first it fits a lot more. (I roll them up, my husband not as much, so, I can tell....)

So, that is pretty much it. I mean, except for the large water heater and furnace we have, which would be illegal per building codes now, but, alas. One day I would like to get rid of these, my neighbor just put in a tankless water heater and I am sure it freed up so much space. I'm waiting until ours goes out though. A tankless water heater, a water softener, and any other smaller units we can put in here would be great. I would also love flooring not from the 80's (one of the only original things in the condo) and a fresh set of paint (I don't know how to get behind the furnace, any tips?) And one day I will get to it.

I wish you all well in your laundry rooms, do a dance for me will you? Or, if you have a tiny space as well, I'd love to see it.

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