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Installing Baseboards Ourselves

When I got floors the flooring guys wanted to install baseboards that were the same material as the flooring. For most people that is fine, they look like wood flooring, but my flooring is very unique and although I love having the blueprints on the floor I did not want them up the wall.

So we decided to install them ourselves. And by us, I mean the husband, mostly because he was the one home with time. The task I like least about how ownership is cleaning, so when picking baseboards I did not want some with edges that needed cleaning. I got some basic curved ones, and guess what color I decided they needed to be?

Yep, I went with black. My husband thought I was crazy wanting black baseboards, but as you will see they look great, and we both love them. I hope you do to.

Here you can see how we set up our workshop. This was the very first use of the balcony. We have a saw, and paint, and glue, and things. Made for a easy area to just go, cut and install.

Make sure and measure (not cut your hand off).

And we cut them all on 45 degrees, so that they fit nicely on the corners. The people that installed some of the other baseboards, with much, much more details on it, and that doesn't look good. So, make sure and do those 45 degrees.

Then for the fun part - installing. We put some glue on the back and then put them in with some finishing nails. I made sure and took a photo of my husband in the hardest part, under the stairs, but most was easy to install.

Here are the finished baseboards. Like I said before, I absolutely love them! What do you think? Would you do black baseboards at your home?


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