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Winter Balcony Makeover

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As you may remember, this summer I had a blast making over my balcony. I spent so much time out there it has helped me through COVID times. However, in the middle of all that I we got a huge windstorm which tore down so many trees, nearly every tree lost a branch or more. I even had one land on my car (luckily no damage.) After that my balcony was torn apart and all the summer plants had died, so it was looking fairly sad.

I did put up this little fall wreath, I got it in a grab bag from Michael. It looked nice up there, but I don't know how I fell about it. What do you think?

I mean, during fall I constantly have to sweep this floor, but it looks so sad.

One of my favorite times of year is in the fall time when the leafs all fall off the trees and I get to run around in them. My least favorite time of the year is when it is fall time and the landscapers come and remove all the leafs and then it is just a freezing winter with no snow. So to try and combat the sadness I decided to skip to winter months on the balcony.

The first thing I decided to do was to make it cozy. Very cozy. And to do that I decided to get some fuzziness. I had been price checking rugs and blankets and such when I thought I wonder how much it would be to just buy the material and low and behold Joann's was having a black friday sale.

This is a wonder hack, I mean, look at how wonderful that is - and I had extra left over. All I did was buy a couple of yards and trimmed it down. And tip - if you accidently drag it on the floor and it gets super dirty, they give you this part for free. I mean, I don't actually suggest you do that, it is stealing, but it did make a lovely sized rug.

What a beautiful lovely rug. The chair covers are good too. It isn't a real size of a blanket, but fits great on the chairs. I got a couple of yards of this too, they gave some of this to me free because it was the end of the bolt. It was a good day, I even got a good coupon on the app.

I had divided it into three, using the scissors, and gosh I, it was a very very messy project. Like, I had fuzz everywhere. But look at that fun texture.

So are you ready for the finished project?

First, we have the photos during the day.

Trees, and yes, I will leave them up past Christmas. Because they aren't Christmas trees, they are winter trees.

Trees with the cozy chair.

Another cozy chair.

I do like to sit out there, in my cozy winter socks, and sweaters, and blankets. Very nice.

The rug is so nice, and yes, it is cold on the feet, but it is also so soft.

I also love these pine cones. We got them when on our honeymoon at Lake Tahoe, and I love to put them in the little greenhouse from Ikea. Love.

I also like how the pillows fit nicely in the wintertime here as well as they did in the summertime.

I love this wreath. I actually got it last year on 90% off clearance from Hobby Lobby. I couldn't believe it, and that isn't even the big one I got. But, since we already had one for our door I figured this outside closet door would look great with it on.

Here are the Christmas lights, which we will be taking down after Christmas. But, for Christmas we just attached them to our other lights. Originally the plan was to replace them, but we decided we liked them too much.

And yes, there is snow in the frozen river. If you look past the balcony you still see the gloomy fake winter, but at least there is snow.

Does it look as nice at night? Yes, yes it does.

Aren't those trees fun lite up nicely? And the colored lights provide such a warm atmosphere.

Now, if you haven't noticed, my main two trees are actually fake. They look good right? But, I do have a real pine tree "growing" in a pot. You can see it good here.

A nice little wintertime room.

Most nights I actually just look at it from the inside. It is so nice and pretty out there and I just enjoy to see it instead of freeze.

What do you think? What do you do with your outside spaces during the wintertime?

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