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The Home Constructess

VaLon comes from a rich heritage of construction professionals.  Her Maternal Grandfather, Burt Casper, was a carpenter in the days when he would built the whole building.  He worked on churches, homes and furniture in the Salt Lake Valley.   Her Father, Harvey Frandsen, spent most of his life as a cabinet building, both in the shop building and in the office designing.  His projects can be found in homes, offices and churches all of the world.  When dating her now husband, Jason Lee, she was impressed when he told her that for 20 years of his life he worked with his father, Tom Lee, creating decorative rock in Southern Utah.

When in younger naturally VaLon was drawn to architecture and decided to study it in school, receiving her Master's degree from the University of Utah before many people had decided what to do study.

VaLon has always been fascinated by blogging, sharing her experiences online for years in a variety of subjects.  

When VaLon purchased a  home in the Salt Lake, Utah area she felt like she would love to share her journey.  Being in architecture she knew she couldn't just have any old home, nor would she be happy with many of the design decisions of the  previous owners.  

The Home Constructess is the journey to create and construct the home of VaLon's dreams.

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