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Living Room Makeover - Jan 2021

I recently was looking over my instagram feed, seeing all the pretty shots of my different decorations in my living room and realized, I had not shared my living room makeover on the blog. So, here we are, ready to have a look. Let's all remember back to how it looked when I bought the place.

Ah yes, those blue gray walls, that blonde wood floor and the horrible strip that divided the room with linoleum on the one side. So I promptly tore up that strip and the blonde floor was able to go to give my Mother a new kitchen floor that she desperately wanted. When I moved in it looked slightly like this:

It was a mismatch of nice things. I was finally able to use my coffee table, couch and side table in a room where they should be. But that horrible light that came with the house, and the lack of, well, living things. You may not believe it but my living room was one of the last rooms I had things for, crazy but true.

Enough reminiscing, let's get to seeing what it looks like today!

This is one of the views I see the most often. Right as you walk in the door this is the first thing you see. I love that the window is right there out to the balcony. I made the brave decision to not put up curtains. Many people would disagree with me but I couldn't see an amazing way to hang the curtains with the high ceiling and the door. Plus, I really hate curtains. I much prefer to see outside and the lovely view. I find that with our balcony lights on outside you can't see into the house very well at night, so we just use the light as a curtain instead.

As you go into the room you can see the couch I inherited from my grandmother. It was the one thing I felt like reminded me the most of her, and was honored to be able to get it. Luckily I loved the color and it has really dictated the color scheme in the room. The mirror also went along with the couch, when I was growing up the mirror was above the couch, so I had to have it. Here is isn't above the couch, I tired that layout for awhile, but this one works much better.

You can also see the side table in this shot, which was my another grandmothers. My parents had it for years and I am honored to have it now. It does need to be refinished, and is on my list. But, I have fixed it up so it doesn't wobble anymore, and it is great for putting decorations on.

And then there is the blue chair, my latest addition. I absolutely love this chair. When we were registering for our wedding at Ikea years ago I found this chair and fell in love. It is a velvety blue, and matches the couch so well. It was a bit pricey but I put it on the list anyways, afterall it was a wish list and someone might get it for us. Afterall, we put the expensive knifes on and someone did get those. But this Christmas my wonderful parents got it for us! We did have to run up and down the stairs for like 20 times to "find" it in a scavenger hunt, but it was worth it.

The other side of the room is also lovely. We have our firewood and fireplace pokers... near the gas fireplace... for looks.... And we have a lovely mirror. I love this mirror. It is amazing how much mirrors open places up and with the very open layout we have I can see so much of the condo from the reflections in that mirror. I have even watched the TV up in the loft from downstairs. Very fun. I highly recommend large mirrors.

One of my favorite things about the design of the condo is the black fireplace. When I first would tell people I was going to paint a wall black they were so hesitant, but now that it is painted it is hard to think it should be anything else. It really heightens the room and anchors it as well. Clearly the fireplace is the important thing to us, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to sit in front of the fire in the winter nights with with a cup of hot drink. Mmmm....

This is the white chair I have. When looking for furniture I always like to have something unique and with good lines. When I found this one in the thrift store I knew it had to come home with me. I cleaned it up and it has been a nice piece ever since.

This is the view from the dining room and hallway. I love how everything lines up with the fireplace, making it even more of a focal point. The piano had struggles with placement, but somehow having it in the middle of the room under the stairs was the perfect place. If you look closely I have started the makeover of the piano, the bench is now black, and one day the piano will become the same color. One day.... so many projects. You can also see the picture of us above the fireplace, for our wedding we had like 8 of these pictures up at the reception, and I decided I could rotate them out above the fireplace. Three years later and it is still the first one. Guess that is what happens when you hang things so high you need a ladder.

And of course my snowmen are socially distancing this year. I am lovely the space on the piano for decorating. During the slower months it gets a bit bare, but when I have something to add you can see it from the living room, dining room and as you walk by. More enjoyment for the short season they are up.

Just one last picture of the floors. Sometimes I feel like the flooring is not the perfect thing in my home, the brown carpet hasn't been in the budget to be replaced yet. However, the living room is amazing! I had so much fun picking it out. This floor is actually blueprints and runs through the main area of my home. I couldn't decide if I wanted dark floor or light floor and then I saw this and there was no turning back. I love it to no end. As for the hearth I put black granite in. At first I was a little hesitant about granite - that is expensive right? Well, yes, but I just had a couple of feet of it so I decided why not have the nice stone. And this carpet. For the living room it is actually a scrap from my master bedroom. It was left over and we had it edged and just like that it is a rug. We love it so much.

That is it for now. What a great transformation it is. I am sure it will still change, even more than just the seasonal changes with new decor that will continue to be on instagram. So if you stay tunned long enough you will probably see it change again.


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