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The Adventure of Painting a Swim Basket

It started out like any other normal Saturday. I was already covered in white paint from painting the bed frame, and was so exhausted from crawling around it that I was ready for a nap. But I looked at this basket that before the many lives it had been living while in my possession had lived many lives with someone else and it was begging me to give it a good refreshing paint job.

We first tried the wall paint I had painted the bed with, it was out, it was white and it should work, right?

Well, some white got on there. I don't know about you, but when I am tired and already feeling done, if the first thing doesn't work, I decide I am done and the quality of my work suffers. It is a good thing I learned this while in school because I would have to plan into my schedule my breaking periods to stop and give up for a day. I still do this at work today. Things are so much easier in the morning then when I am done with the day in the afternoon, and so I plan accordingly. But the paint really wasn't working.

So, after the paint was dry, I decided to try spray paint. That is easy right? Just spray it. Well, I was not satisfied with how this was looking. There were still holes in it, the color was just off of what the I wanted and was not working well with the other paint, nor was it the correct sheen. Besides the fact that I now had a headache because that used a lot of spray paint and I was wishing I had taken the time to take it downstairs to the grass instead of my bedroom. Then the basket went back to live a life of banishment.

But, banishment bothered me more than it because it was the first thing that you came across when you came in the house. You see, it holds my swim gear. All my fun exercise equipment, floaties (that is right I am learning to swim as a 30-something, apparently my swim lessons as a child didn't stick well) and a multitude of beach balls (because you never know when your bosses office will need to be filled with beach balls again.) So, it needed to be fixed.

I pulled out the original paint again, a nice thick brush, put on some music and went to town. You really have to get in there with the paint. This is something in internet never taught me about painting wicker. And it still could use more white and less brown, but, I just pretend it is black and/or shadow and suppose to be there. See the closeup?

You can definitely tell it is painted, but it has a fun vibe to it anyways. It looks refreshed, and fits very well with the house. Maybe one day we can all go swimming again (my pool is closed for COVID). Yet, it still comes in very handy as a table like thing to put items we need to remember to take to people right as we leave the house.

I wish you luck in painting wicker.


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