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Easter Egg Wreath - a DIY guide

Hello everyone. Today on the list of projects we have an Easter Egg Wreath. I had wanted something for Easter, but since I am way more into the actual reason for Easter - Christ's resurrection - than the Easter bunny, I didn't want something over the top, but something simple. Easter is the time to remember Christ and rebirth, and spring and starting anew. So, today we have eggs, symbolizing new birth and being a simple shape.

I started with a frame I got from the Dollar Store (such a great place to get forms.)

You may be saying - that is not from the dollar store, those have more rungs - and you would be right, but, I didn't want it that big, so we snipped off the inner layer. I also had three packages of eggs, from, that Wal place, in the color blue.

I started off by putting wire through the eggs. They conveniently had these little holes in the bottom that I could stick some wire in. I know a lot of people like to just use hot glue to make wreaths, but I am not one of those people. I want my wreaths to withstand. Plus, I put them on my door, and although it does have a roof over it, it is still outside and I don't want my decor to fly away. Hence, wire those suckers on.

This is one of the more simple wreaths I have made, just twist the wires on. Now, I made sure that there was an even amount of eggs on the top and the bottom. You will see how this plays out soon.

Here it is! In all the wonderful glory that is - well, wire being tied to wire and becoming slippery and not staying at all where I put it so everything just flopped around willy-nilly. So, yes, we brought out the hot glue.

It's a thing. We had to live with it. But, since the hot glue is there just for stabilization and not for structure, it holds pretty good. It also made the piece solid.

So, then I was done. Very lovely wreath, just as I had imagined it, simple but full of life. (Sorry that the picture here is blurry.) It hung on my wall in my art room for months (I of course made it in like July, after Easter.) And then a new thing came on the scene.

They were cast offs from another project I was working on because really, who wanted these.... (I have since used them multiple times, but there are still many items I hate them on, we have a love/hate relationship.) But, as they sat there on my desk, and the Wreath hung on the wall, I decided to give it a try.

You see, the eggs have these little holes in them. Great for attaching the eggs to the frame, but not as great for looks. However, little white flowers in the holes.... well, I got the glue gun back out.

And man it is cool looking now. It is one of my favorite wreaths and I just love how much springtime it brings into the door. I love it. I highly recommend making one yourself.


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