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Hanging Shelves - DIY

When I first moved in there were some stupid ugly shelving units in the bathrooms, but both opposite the toilet and in the way. I promptly took them down. However, I wanted some open storage as to not have anything on the variety. So, we picked some glass shelves up from Ikea and went to install them.

They work well, just hang the silver pieces and then put the glass in. Much easier than I figured.

It helped that I have a handy man to help me. I mean, I can drill holes in the wall, but he helps me with most projects. He bought me this handy laser level, and it sure helps when hanging shelves up that need to be level.

We put all three up, and I like to keep very neutral colors on there. We have things handy and they look good.

We keep mouth wash in this bottle, and the shot glasses make perfect one use glasses. My husband was a bit concerned about me when he first saw how I keep things, and no, I do not drink, even if my glassware is typically used for alcohol.

In the brandy glass type glasses I keep some typical bathroom supplies. They are great, look pretty and hold things for me.

And of course, I have my traveling gnome, because, the bathroom is his favorite place to travel to, apparently.

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