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Fridge Alphabet Letters - DIY

I don't know what it is about these letters that reminds me of my childhood, I think I had a puzzle with them. But I remember loving them and wanting to have them on my fridge when I grew up. I always thought it would be cool to be able to spell things out, so as you can see, I wrote that I love my husband.

I had seen online that people had spray painted the letters in a variety of colors. Although I really loved the rose gold, I don't have it in my home, but I do have a lot of black, so I grabbed a can.

I know that a lot of people love to spray paint things and although I can do it, I haven't mastered the art of spray paint yet. However, I do know how to paint in a box. I put them in the box and give it a coat.

Make sure that you get all the edges. I moved mine around to give it a second coat to make sure I got all the edges. They are small and tricky, so you just need a little patience, which I do not have when spraying things, which may be why I haven't mastered it yet.

I sure love how the turned out. Especially on the white fridge. As you can see, we still leave notes for each other. I mean, it is just one that has been up for years, and we may have got a bit creative on what letters to use. But I still love them.

What do you think? What do you have on your fridge?


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