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Flamingo Vinyl - the first step into madness

Many, many years ago my grandmother had a flamingo mirror hanging on her living room wall. She passed away before I was born so I never got a chance to see this up. However, it managed to find its way into my Mothers basement where I saw it and feel in love. You always hear about how cheesy lawn flamingos are, but here were some elegant flamingos. When I bought my condo the guest bathroom had pink counters, a slightly pink floor and a hint of pink in the tub surround, and I just decided to run with it.

There is this large wood - gosh, frame I guess is what it is - in the bathroom, with nothing on it just waiting for some love.

So, I bought some vinyl stickers. They are flamingos, and lots of them. Some were even kissing. I couldn't wait to hang them up.

I just put them up in a random order, trying not to get into a pattern. And spacing them out enough that they would look good and I wouldn't run out.

There was just a couple of them.

I can honestly say that this is one of the most fun places to decorate. The vinyl flamingos go well at the top, and they fit in so much with the mirror and the towels. Tune in later for my full bathroom reveal.

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