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Vanity Makeover - Marbled Contact Paper

Hello all. Today I want to share a simple project that I did to get my vanity more inline with how I wanted it.

When I first moved in the bathroom was painted a nice shade of - blue, so not what I wanted, but I digress. The rest of the bathroom screamed that it had been a predominately brown bathroom. I had taken out many of the brown accents, but one thing that was left was the countertop.

Ultimately we want to remodel the bathroom, but it is low down on the priorities list. However, I wanted a nicer looking counter.

Here it is. It has kind of a brown/pink undertone to it. I tolerated it for awhile.

I had seen other people online doing renter friendly and easy ways to change the countertop and had seen the contact paper that looked like marble. I was extremely skeptical, all the contact paper I had used did not look like it would work well with water, but when I was going on a shopping spree I decided to give it a go.

Am I happy with it? Yes!

Was it hard? Yes. Don't let all those people fool you, it isn't just a peal and stick and be fine. I don't cut circles. Don't at all. And this you have to cut around a circle. The edges are so sloppy. (I have seen someone caulk the edges, and I think I will be doing that when I fix this.) Also, I figured I had enough, but you have to take into account that you are going to probably just toss the part where the sink is. You may or may not notice, but the edge closest to us didn't get any on it. Also, it is kind of puzzled together and even though you can't tell it is kind of scattered in places. Be careful, don't get impatient, and it will be fine.

Is it durable? Yes, yet it is. We have actually had it there for.... at least a year, and I still love it. It is very easy to clean (maybe even more than it was before.) I made sure and got the slick stuff and the water just falls off of it. I know a lot of people like the super pattern because the dirt hides better, and I was worried the white would show more, but I find it to be fine. I just use regular cleaners on it, and it has held up, even the puzzled together parts, no trying to remove at all.

I am very pleased with it, and may redo it to fix all my mistakes, or may just leave it until we remodel. It brightens up the room a lot, and I have a hard time remembering what it looked like before.

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