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New balcony addition - time in self quarantine

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The one place I have been missing the most in my home during the winter is the balcony. It gets so cold outside that it is hard to be out there for more than a minute without freezing. Luckily we have had a fairly mild winter here, but, I am so excited it is spring! The leaves are budding, the flowers are starting to come out, it is getting warmer, and I am stuck inside the house in self quarantine. The leaves are budding, the flowers are starting to come out, it is getting warmer, and I am stuck inside the house in self quarantine. So after looking at the box of lights for nearly six months, I decided to hang them.

This is actually a pretty simple project, and once I figured out how to do it, it was nearly done. You see, I kept thinking I wanted them hung from the ceiling, and I even went out to hang them once, looked at the 12' tall ceiling and went back in the house. Then the other day I realized that I shouldn't be hanging them from the ceiling at all, but a couple of hooks screwed in the wall would work great. So I did. I braved the ladder right next to the railing on our third floor balcony and put the first hook in. It is that small silver one above the big black one. My husband came and put the other three hooks up. We were then able to zigzag the lights across.

Goodness did we like them. Sure, it took some adjusting to the correct height, I think they went up a total of 6" from where we first had them, and depending on how much I like them there they may move again. But man are they pretty.

At night they are amazing, much better than the builders grade light that is there (please excuse the cobwebs, the bugs seem to like this balcony as much as I do.) We plan to get a better looking outdoor extension cord than just our Christmas one, and an outdoor smart plug so we can incorporate the lights into our smart home and not have to come out on the chilly nights to unplug them.

One of my favorite things to do now is spend time on the balcony. I am even out here as I type this, with a chilly wind and a nice plush blanket. But one of my favorite things to do recently is to paint out here.

I got the idea from my Mother-in-law when I told her she couldn't paint with oils up in the top level art room, for the smell would never get out. (I really need a working fan and an air filter.) But, that she could paint by an open window, or out on the balcony, which sounded amazing so I have taken it up.

I have noticed that while we have been quarantined, my husband cooks a lot (which I don't mind at all!) And, I paint. I am loving the time to just relax, catch up on things I have been meaning to do, and enjoy the spring weather, even if it is just from my balcony.

I call this piece "Condos in Denver that will never be built." There is lots of hidden meaning in it and I love it.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during this time?

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