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New Artwork on Society6

I have been working hard recently to be able to get up some more artwork for sale on Society6. Today I would like to share some with you.

Most of these I have just done for fun. I enjoy painting, and have a tendency to wonder what I want to paint. I sit and stare at a canvas, thinking of how I have seen other people paint animals, scenery, people, etc.. and I just don't want to. Then about a year ago I realized, I like painting buildings. I always have, that is why I choose to study architecture. So, I just end up going back a lot of the time to drawing buildings.

So, here is a collection of buildings for you to enjoy. They are all linked to the framed art on Society6, but you can get just the prints in a variety of sizes or other forms of artwork, just explore my shop.

I have drawn this house many times over. If you ask me what a house looks like - this is it. I have never seen a house like this, but alas, this is what I see in my head, all the way from when I was a child. One day I think I would like to build a house like this, just to have one. I painted this with acrylic paints on canvas.

Here is a home I designed when I was in my shopping for land and going to build phase of life. It is modern, made out of stucco and glass. (I have such a love/hate relationship with stucco. I don't like it, but it creates such clean looking surfaces without much texture or variation.) I did this work out of charcoal and pastels on canvas.

Here we have a little red house. I got this wood art of a house and just had to make it my own. I love the idea of a little brick house and tried to create that as I painted. This is done with acrylics, on wood and canvas.

Inspired by my families love of camping I decided to paint this work. The tent reminds me of the one that my Mother grew up with and the old tent that my Father owns from his family. There is even a little brown bear in the background (although it looks like SUV.... I told you my skills are with buildings, not animals.) This was done with acrylics on wood and canvas.

Once again, feel free to check out Society6 for even more.

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