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Laundry Room Baskets

I live in a condo, and in this condo there is not a lot of storage space, unless you get creative.

I really wanted a linen closet, didn't realize how lucky I was growing up to have one that was beautifully built in until much later in life. But, this house had nothing. Like, nothing. So I decided a decent place to house the cleaning towels and washcloths was in the laundry room (I do have a backstock in the upstairs storage closet as well.) But, it didn't have all the storage room I wanted still.

I had these wonderful cabinets from the previous owner, but I am short and can't reach more than the bottom shelf, and there is so much room above the washer and dryer that I figured why not there. (Side note: both of these washer and dryers have died, and we now have new ones, but...)

So I went to the dollar store to grab some supplies. I decided on these baskets because they are mostly square, and have these great holes for using as slots to put the hangers in. I was going to paint them, because the internet tells me this is a thing to do, but apparently I haven't got to it.

These are the hangers. They aren't the strongest, so if you need something for heavy stuff, don't get them from the dollar store. But, since the baskets put most of their weight on the machines under them, these mostly just hold them in place anyways.

And screws, not from the dollar store, but from my stash of screws that I just seem to always have. If you are buying screws, just a box of them, they always come in handy. This is actually one of the smaller containers I have, and they went fast.

First I measured it out. I wanted them to be spaced evenly, and because I don't like doing math where you take an odd number and divide it by 5 and add all little each time, all while leaning over a washer and standing on a stool because you are too short and there is a water heater in the way, well, they aren't centered on the wall, but they are spaced with room to breath.

Predrill holes so you don't drop screws behind the machines, then screw them to the wall. I didn't want to put too many holes in the wall, so I only put in one screw each then was going to go back and put the other. But, it's been over two years, so.... may fix that when I give the room a makeover.... maybe.

Hung them all up, and absolutely love them now. They live oh so nicely on top and I can reach stuff! I didn't know what I was going to use them all for, but random things always end up in them. I have towels in one, washcloths in the next, the "dirty" ones in the next and then random tools and household parts in the last two.

Here they are in use. They are a bit wiggly, and not always even, but I don't think that is because of the one screw but just the nature of how they are hung and leaning on the machines. This washer did have an issue with the baskets, it wouldn't stay open because the basket got in the way. But to solve that I just took a wire hanger and made a hook that held the top open for me.

Later I added these signs (mostly so my husband knew the madness to the system when he moved in.) They are sheet protectors specifically made for photos that I have cut down. I actually use the other part in my smaller scrapbooks. They come in so handy, but I bet you could laminate something, or get a small sheet protector, or even just use the cards plain. I then put in index cards that I have labeled. Punch some holes for the keyrings to go through the plastic and then the basket. Lovely hanging labels.

What do you think? Would you want to do something like this? Do you have a better way for storing in such a small space? Let me know.


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