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House Tour - Before

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I know what you are thinking, and yes, I am doing things a little bit out of order. I have lived in my home for two years now, but never gave a proper tour of the house before I changed it. As I was recently watching some of my favorite youtubers from two years ago give a house tour of their before, I figured I would do that as well. Plus, it gives me a great excuse to show off the reason I fell in love with this house.

To start off with, oh my gosh, those stairs. This is the view from the front door. And man, you know you are in for a treat when you see these! (Sorry about the picture quality, but these are pictures from the listing.) I may be a bit in love with stairs, and these kind, well, you can't get them like this anymore. You see, safety standards have increased and well, these just don't cut it anymore. In fact, my husband has threatened many times to climb up the outside of them. But, you know, you can't buy a home for stairs alone... maybe... so let's see more.

Here is the main living space, it is not super huge, but it works for now. In the living room we have a lovely fireplace, some doors off to a balcony, and some lovely stairs. In the kitchen there was this, um, yellow wood cabinets, brown speckled counter-tops and, mismatched appliances. And running all throughout the space, a floor. Now, all by itself the floor was not bad, but not only was it very much so not my color, it just... well, do you see the horrible seam running in the middle of the floor? Oh my gosh, the one side was a linoleum floor in the dining/kitchen/entry and the other side was a laminate floor in the living/hallway. That large seam was the first thing I tore out of the house, it was so nice to not have a tripping hazard anymore.

Selling point #2 - the balcony. I have wanted a balcony, one reason for wanting the third floor. But oh my gosh, who would have thought I would have that view! Only four of the 172 units get that amazing third story view of the river, and can I tell you, it is worth the extra money I was willing to pay for this unit verses the other one for sale. The seller was correct in selling when it was spring and the trees were full of leaves and the water was gushing. Gosh, I love it outside. It has been so much fun to see it all change seasons.

Now, let's move down the hall. The first door you come to, well, beside the furnace/laundry room, is the guest bedroom. It is probably the most boring part of the home. It has a closet. It will one day make a lovely child's room. But, for now, it is just a small room, with an amazing window and a view. Right across the hall from it is a guest bathroom. It had this horrible half circle shelf that wanted to hit you in the head, and it is original 80's pink. Yep, I figured that would be going, but, have learned to embrace it... more on that later.

At the end of the hall is another selling point - The Master. Now, to the untrained eye, this was just like any other master bedroom, but to me it was far more. You see, this was my first house, the first time I would be living on my own, and to me the master said - it is all mine. Now, sure, that may be just ideas and have come along with any room, but this one was sweet. I mean - look at that view! The wall of windows, opening onto trees, so gorgeous! The vaulted ceiling, the ledge to put things on to get dusty, the body box. Yep, you heard me, the body box. For all those of you acquainted with the classic "Arsenic and Old Lace" you may remember the nice old ladies after they poison their guests but before they can be buried put them in the window seat. Well, so window seat = body box. Mine however, isn't really big enough for a seat and, it's not really where I keep the bodies.

Attached to the master bedroom is well, the master closet. I was so excited to have one of these, I could put in all my clothes, and have plenty of space. (This is just my thinking by the way, turns out I have a lot of clothes and was spoiled as a kid with a large closet, and so, this wasn't much of an upgrade.) But, on the other side of the closets was the master bath. A room all my own that I didn't have to share with anyone. (Until I got married....) It was however one of the least appealing rooms. Brown, brown and more brown.

And then we have the upstairs. That's right, those stairs were not there leading nowhere just for show, but they are the ones going up! My loft space is amazing. I had wanted a space for the books, and gosh, this was going to be it. Such an amazing room, bigger than the living room, and simply marvelous. It even had what I consider to be a bonus room. Sure, some would think of it as a bedroom since it has a closet, but well, it overlooks the master. And, the loft overlooks the guest room. Which is amazing because from nearly every room in the house it has this amazing view to outside. I love it. Would I change anything? Of course I would - I mean, those blue walls left quickly and that brown carpet, well, it needs to go. But all the bones are there and you can't get much better.

This is the view from the loft, rarely is a better view found. I mean, most of this has completely changed and the things that haven't I still want to. But, for a start to the home I plan to build it in, this is sure great.

Let me know what you think of it.


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