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Finished Master Bedroom - Before and After

The time has come - I have finished my Master Bedroom (for the time being) and want to share it with you!

Let's take a walk down memory lane and see what it was like when I bought it nearly three years ago (wow time.)

Yep, a wonderful view, ugly brown carpet, light blue walls, and a light fixture that, well, let's just say it isn't with us any more.

The view is still amazing, but we now have white walls and black and white carpet. You will notice my bed - which I recently made-over. Also my lovely curtains we recently got hung up. I know many people in the complex do not put the bed on this wall, but I wanted to be able to use the window as sort of a headboard. Plus, it makes walking around much easier.

This is the dresser wall. You will see the dresser my husband brought from when he was younger (I may or may not be painting that in the future, if it ever does get painted it is later on down the list). Then a ceder chest that was my grandmothers. (It is not getting painted, it is an heirloom, antique, and a ceder chest.) Then we have my dresser that belonged to my great-grandmother. It is in rough shape and I will be restoring it. I have already changed the knobs. You can also see the shoes peaking out from below the dresser (how I made over the shoe collection coming soon.)

And here we have the door wall. We have the door out to the rest of the home. The doors to the closet/bathroom. See how we hung these up here. And then the collection of Architecture Legos on the top of the ledge, with some lights. This area still needs a bit of work, but it is doing okay for now.

My husband loves to read, I find books of his all over the house, besides the full case he has in the library. He always has at least one on the dresser right next to the bed. The small ceder chest here my father made for his mother. She use to keep her special letters from those she loves in it, and now I do the same. The penny art is fun. Shortly after I started to date my husband he turned 40 (yes, we have had a bit of a late start). So to commemorate I wanted to get him 40 things from the year he was born, and that was a bit of a struggle, so I decided on pennys. I love how it turned out. The picture of Christ is my husband's favorite picture that I got him and instead of hanging it with the rest of the large pictures of Christ, he brought it down to the bedroom.

Here is the vignette on my dresser. I turned this breadbox into a charging station, that when it is closed you can't see any of the obnoxious cords or electronics. It works wonderfully. I also have a few knickknacks - a Love light, a red chair from the Denver Art Museum, some perfumes, and a Tardis money bank that we really hope is bigger on the inside. I also have a huge hat - I just love how ridiculously large it is with the flowers I got from being maid of honor at my best friends wedding. Not a lot, but a few things I love.

Then I just had to show off the curtain tie backs, which these curtains have opened up the window and made it so great to be able to see that view outside which was one of the things I loved about this place.

And then this carpet, just made sure you see it. I love it. It was a remnant of some fancy carpet from Europe, and was just enough for my bedroom. If you are shopping for carpet - check out the remnant section. I got it for half off - luxury for the price of the normal carpet.

So, what do you think? Is it an improvement? What would you do differently?

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