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Easy Modern Plant Stand

I started out thinking I was going to write a tutorial on how to make these cool stands, but they are honestly so easy you don't need one.

Start with a tomato cage. I was always lost growing up when people called these tomato cages because our homemade cages were much bigger because, we like tomatoes. But alas, you can buy these at the store.

You then take your trusty thick wire cutters, make sure it can cut thick wire, these are a bit tough. And you cut it at the height you want. Then you put the pot and top and are done. I loved it so much I had to go get more cages.

Have a look, the one in front the the orange base is a shorter version, I cut off two areas. Then the one in back that is silver is the taller version where I only cut off the pokey parts. I love them, they work. Share then with my on instagram @thehomeconstructess if you create some for yourself, I'd love to see them.

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