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Creating a Welcoming Space - Guest Room Makeover - Before and After

As many of you probably already know, I have a guest room that my Mother-in-law had been staying in. She sort of moved in, with all her things, and then went to another child's home not taking everything, thinking she would be back in a week. Well, COVID hit, she stayed with her other child for months, and now it may be a year before she comes back. Meanwhile, we had a guest that wanted to stay in the guest room, so I have spruced it up in the hopes to make it cozy and welcoming.

Here are some before pictures of the space. When I moved in it had those horrible blue walls (they look more green here). And that brown carpet and basic lamp. I may still have that carpet and lamp, but I'm not super happy about it. Let's see what it looks like now.

Here is the view from when you first come in. Sorry about the light, I took these photos at night so the light is coming from that lovely lamp in the corner. But then, that is how most of my guests see this space anyways, it is mostly just for sleeping not for throwing parties in. As you can see there is a TV in here, that is my Mother-in-laws. I wouldn't suggest a large TV in a bedroom, nor a guest room, but since this was the space she had all to herself while staying with us, we let her have it there.

But look at this cozy bed! It has a friend to welcome you (I normally get a treat for my guest and put it my the little monster. But, this guest doesn't like treats, so I did not.) I actually made this creature out of a very odd gift bag. I had to cut off the bottom and sew it together before stuffing it. (See here for a super simple tutorial on how to make a pillow.) I just love this bed. I mean, I should, it is the bed I grew up with.

Something else I grew up with is this lovely dresser. It is one of my favorite pieces because my father, Harvey Frandsen, made it. When I was a baby he made it, complete with the edge on top so the diaper pad didn't fall off. Yeah, it's that old (over 30 years), it is well built and I know how to take care of my furniture. I am actually looking forward to the day that I have a little one to give it to. I may not like brown in my house, but the baby room will have this wood because I have so many quality pieces like this. Since our guest room in where the baby room will be one day, it is in there.

Here is another angle of the room. I am so pleased with how clean and welcoming it is, you would never guess how many random items, both of my Mother-in-law and mine are hiding in this space.

One of the items that makes this feel more welcoming and less utilitarian is this plant. My Mother-in-law calls it the Amber plant. My Sister-in-law passed away many years ago in a car crash, and shortly before had given this plant to her mother. It has been growing ever since. I am surprised that it lasted as long as it has then about three years ago the main plant died and this sprout was planted. I am so amazed with how long it has got. Even more amazed that it is still alive in my house. I think the only reason it is doing so well is Amber is still looking out for it.

It had been growing in the pot and with the move had got twisted up inside the pot. With this makeover I pulled it out to see how long it was and just had to put it on display around the window. Mind you, it hasn't been by the window before so I am hoping it will do even better now that it has light and something to climb up on.

Here is the final wall. I made sure that there was a clean place to hang some clothes, and a place to put a suitcase. Another thing I always do is make sure there is a extra new toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo in the bathroom in case someone forgets. I can't tell you how many times I have forgot something while traveling, and it is so nice to just have it handy when you need it.

You may recognize the picture ledges in the room. I made those for my Mother-in-law so she could have her family close by. See the tutorial here. She of course has changed it since I finished it for her, as she should have, that is why I put them there. But, it is fun to me to notice that she pretty much just added to the bottom shelf. She is shorter than me (if that is possible) so can't get to those higher shelves as easily.

I find this room is a combination of the style of mine and my Mother-in-law. Lots of touches of me and wanting to host someone else, but still touches of her so I don't have to go to a lot of effort when she returns.

So, what do you think? Would you come and stay in this room?


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