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Christmas Welcome Mat

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

When I moved in my house, it came with a Welcome Mat.  I believe all of the units are required to have one since there are many mats with our condo logo on them.  I was slightly disappointed I didn't get one of those, it was a perfect for some cheesy branding of the condo to people who already lived there.

But I got a lovely one with trees instead.  I like the mat, but it wasn't exactly my style.  My mother told me how she liked it and reminded me my grandfather would as well if he was still alive.  So, when I got a new mat, black of  course, I kept the old one and had great plans for it.

Here is a shot of it before.  Similar to how it came, just dirtier.  I attempted to clean it, but feel like it just brought more of the dirt to the surface, so gave up.

See, nice.  But, I got my paints out to make it just a bit festive.

As you can see I used the bottom of the paintbrush to paint with.  I was wondering if I could use the circle paintbrush I have there, but it was to big.  I used a few colors I felt would work well on the trees.  I kind of liked it after I did the red and green, but kept going and I am glad I did.  The blue and yellow add that pop that it needs.

Here is my finished Christmas Tree Welcome Mat.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  It was super simple to do, took little time and effort, It is amazing that it took me over a year to get to and make.

For those of you who would like to buy one instead of creating your own, I have created a Christmas Welcome Mat over at Society6.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas season.  What do you have on your doorstep?

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