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Christmas Decorations 2020

Today is Christmas Eve, and although I have had my Christmas decorations up for about a month, I realized I haven't shown them all to you. This year I decided to pair back a little bit on the decorations, so I just have some of my favorite decorations.

This is my fireplace and mantel. I decided to just have a few small trees and the nativity. This is a nativity that my Mother made. Possibly my favorite thing she has every made. I also have my sock hanging there. And where is my husbands sock?

He has a boot. It was always my Fathers growing up, but when I got married I took it and gave it to him. He does like food, so I like to fill it up. I had also put this mirror type thing by it, and it reflects so many cool things from around the room.

Moving to the side, this is our one silver tree. I had it growing up and would decorate it with lots of fun ornaments. Now it sits up on a small table to be a little taller.

I love to sit by the tree and enjoy being surrounded by my lights, including the ones on the balcony.

Here is the view from across the river. I also love to look out and see what everyone else has up in the windows. Ours is clearly the brightest balcony around.

I have this little Santa sitting on a chair. I don't have many Santa's around, but I had him in my childhood and I think he is so cute.

On the side table I have this, one of my favorite statures. As a society we have created a Santa, a head of Christmas, and he isn't what Christmas is based on. Yet in this stature, he is recognizing the reason we have, the Christ Child. It is because of Him that we celebrate. He was born, died, and resurrected, all for us and our good. All so that we can be like Him and return to Him. He is the reason.

Which brings us around to the piano, where I have my main nativity. I found it in a thrift store, already blue and I had to buy it. The two trees sounding it also have blue ornaments on it.

It is nice, especially at night. The trees give off a nice light, but the nativity wasn't lite up. So I got a small spotlight and pointed it straight at Jesus, reminding us all why we celebrate.

As we move up the stairs we find our main tree. It is a five foot one that I got on clearance before I owned a home, so I didn't know what size my living room would be. A five foot tree with fifteen foot ceilings, well, we didn't want to put it downstairs. Instead we leave it upstairs and it looks out over the balcony giving the illusion that it is larger than it is. This year I decided it was to be blue.

I had been collecting silver tree decor for years, but in the recent couple I had been collecting blue ones and decided to see if I had enough for the full tree. You see, I don't just go buy decorations at full price, or even on sale. No, I wait and watch until the super clearance 90% off sales to buy all my Holiday decorations, so sometimes it take a bit of work to find things, and other times you can find amazing deals.

I also love to find things at the thrift stores year round. Some of my favorites were these blue balls with nativity scenes painted on them. Sometimes you find sets like this, and sometimes you just find a bunch of random ones, and that is how I came across the large balls. But, like I had mentioned, the tree is up a story, so when you look up at it and see the large balls, you don't even notice their size.

Here is wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with lots of fun and joy (no matter how far away you may be from loved ones). And let's keep Christ in our hearts at all times.

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