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Bed makeover - Ikea hack? Or just painting?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As you may have noticed I have been slowly making over my master bedroom. And today I am showing you my bed. I have been wanting this bed frame to be black ever since I got it, and now after two and a half years later was the day.

Here we see the before of the bed. It isn't bad at all, but in an effort to rid my home of all brown, the bedframe needed to be changed.

This first step was actually to remove all of the bedding. I knew this was going to be a big job and take me a lot of time so I started first thing in the morning because there was noway I wasn't going to have a bed to sleep in come nighttime. The mattress actually went into the other room.

Here are the supplies:

The tarp: Since I didn't want to take the bed apart and move it downstairs, nor did I want it to get paint on the floor, I grabbed the large tarp and put it under the frame.

The paint: Now, if you look close this isn't, um, black. But I was watching some of my favorite shows when someone talked about how they love wearing black but their house had to be white, and it reminded me, that's how I like to live. So, I pulled out the white paint instead of the black paint.

The paint brushes: Now, the Dollar Tree carries this little set. It has a tray, a roller and a brush. The tray is a bit flimsy and uneven, but it works. The brush is pretty good. They sell these by themselves as well, and I have a few. I use them and am not afraid if I just feel like tossing them instead of cleaning them. Then there is the roller. It was the perfect size to paint the side of the bed, but by the end it was falling off the handle. That being said, I bought another set for when I have another small job. But for anything big, I don't recommend it.

Here it is - the bed after one layer of paint. I painted the outside and little bit of the inside. I know my mother taught me better, and I should have painted this, well, before we put it together, but we bought it and kind of just put it together quickly. I even forgot I wanted to not have a headboard but use the window/curtains as one. I think my husband 'conveniently' forgot that.

The most time consuming part was that headboard. If I had it in parts just rolling it, it probably wouldn't have taken so long, but, it did. I painted every little corner, and man, it was exhausting. I did pull back the bed slats and use them as a chair, which helped. But I also had to pull the bed away from the wall and sit, almost under it, causing my leg to go to sleep once or twice.

After two full coats, and put back together - here it is! I love how it just blends in with the windows behind it and we barely even notice it when the windows are open. Going white was the best move.

I also had washed the sheets and comforter, and it was nighttime before I got the complete bed put back together. But it was well worth it. A full bedroom tour is coming soon, stay tuned!


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