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After Photos - Finally got Christmas up!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I know what you are thinking - It is March, nearly three months after Christmas, and yes, I have finally got our Christmas presents up.


Last year sometime my husband asked me when we would be getting real curtains in our bedroom. Now, I was under the impression that we had curtains. Sure, they weren't as tall as I wanted, the layers were slightly mis-matched and blacker than he wanted, but they worked. But he wanted some that weren't just material hanging on the wall. (I don't know what curtains are if they aren't just material hanging on the wall, but hey...)

We got the curtains from Ikea. It was great, they have a little tool online that you say the size you want your curtain rod to be and they tell you exactly what the parts you need are. It worked out great. It took us days to complete this task, the rod was hung, and then I got the lovely task of putting the clips on the curtains, then they were hung. As you can see, I attempted to hang them, but after a half hour of standing on a ladder 10' above the ground, I decided to leave it for my husband to finish.

As you can see, we decided to go black and white. The black isn't as black as it could be, but it works with our decor. I was also disappointed with the blackout curtains. Clearly they are not blackout as one would think. But, it works for us for now. It is better than before.

We love our curtains. It is a bit hard for the curtains to move over the breaks in the rods, which we may fix later. And apparently we got our curtains up, but not all of the curtains down. But the sight beyond the windows that we can see, even better now, is why I bought the house. So cool to be able to have a frame for it again.


I however wanted a walk in closet. We had a walk through closet, but it just wasn't working for me. I constantly had to move the doors to one side or the other if I wanted to get something out of the closet. Move to one side to get the undershirt, then to the other to get the sweater, then to the other side to get the pants then to the other to get the coat, it was constant. And to make it worse I felt like there was unused space. Stay tuned for my whole closet makeover. But today we focus on the door.

I have seen the barnhouse doors for years, and I love the idea, and don't care for the look of most. So, I hunted high and low, on Amazon, and then I find one I liked. I actually got two of them for both of the doors, because I wanted to reuse the closet doors I already owned I needed to be able to pull them out.

It also took some time for this one to get one up. The bar was tricky. It needed to be super close to the top of the doorway to attach it, but it was hard to get the holes in the header beam. It eventually got up, and it ain't going anywhere.

I am so happy that our doors got up. It makes the room feel like it is a bedroom and not a bedroom/closet. I love it sooo much. It still has a couple of issues, but it is so much fun to have. I love having the double doors to open and close, so theatrical every time I go through them. I am sure, it is also nice to keep them open when we are going in and out a lot, but so nice to be able to close it all away. Now I just need to get my shoes under control...

The inside of the closet is amazing, so much more open to the closet space and I now have a place to get dressed without hassle.

I love our Christmas presents and I am looking forward to seeing how this year plays out and our Christmas presents for next year.

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