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70's Light Flip

For Christmas ever since I can remember my Grandmother had this lamp that she would bring out. It would sit out and look so pretty during the holiday season. A few years before she passed away she gave it to us, and when I moved into my condo I figured why should I enjoy it only at Christmas, but year round. The only problem was it was not my colors at all. It had this brass base some silver and a wood core around the body (Sorry, not pictures of that.) I figured I would fix it up and make it just what I wanted.

My first step was to get rid of this base. I don't even know why it was there. So, I bought some silver spray paint, and attacked it. I wanted it more shiny then it turned out, but that is okay.

I made sure to cover ALL of the little bits of the lamp that may get paint where I didn't want. I see people online all the time say how easy it is to spray paint, but I am not one of those people and have got paint in all sorts of places it wasn't suppose to be. I didn't want to ruin this lamp.

I gave it a light coat. Then another one, just to be sure. Like I said, not that shiny, but it looks so much better.

I then got some contact paper and wrapped the body in it. It was so easy (since the lines are straight) and this shiny paper was the best. I wanted the lights to be able to be reflected off of the body to add that extra oomph, and it didn't disappoint. I was so pleased with this that I wanted to start wrapping everything in it.

And lastly I decided to clean the top. It was still silver from the original design, but I wanted it extra shiny. So I grabbed some toothpaste and gave it a good clean.

It came out amazing. I love how nice and basic the base and body look to show off the elegance that is the light rays. It looks good both off and on. Enjoy these with the lights off.

It is kind of hard to show in the pictures but it rotates around and changes colors as it goes. I absolutely love it. I also have put it on a smart outlet, so it is now a smart light and I can turn it on whenever I want with my voice. During the Christmas season it will be set on the Christmas light routine and automatically come on and off. Technology these days.

What do you think? Do you have a lamp that could go from cool to even cooler in just a couple of steps?

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